1. Tell us about it:

CLICK HERE or click on the “work with us” button to tell us about your project, idea, business, etc. Let us know how far along your project or business is so we can have an idea of how we can help make an awesome video for it.


2. We’ll Send You a Treatment and Script:

Once we can have an idea of how we can help make a video for you, we’ll send you a treatment (a short, one-page outline for the video concept we come up with that we think would be a great video for you) and a script we will write for you.


3. Schedule and Cost:

Schedule: It usually takes about 6 weeks to deliver your video, but we try to get it to you a lot sooner than that if we can.

Pricing: Pricing depends on a few things, but mainly the video concept. The higher the concept, the higher the price. When we send you the treatment, it will have the price on it (for that concept in the treatment). This price includes everything from pre-production (creating the concept and script, casting, location scouting), filming the video, and post-production (editing, visual effects, music, etc.).


4. How Do We Get Started and How Do I Know I’ll Like It?

Once you sign off on the concept and treatment, we’ll just move forward from there. We’ll send an invoice for the video. A 50% deposit is due before starting production. Once the deposit is paid, we’ll begin production. Once we’re finished with your video, we’ll send you a watermarked version of the video for you to approve. Once you pay the remaining balance, we’ll send you the un-watermarked, finished video. 

So, if you’re ready to get started, CLICK HERE or click on the “work with us” button.


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