envy creative video services

We offer an all-inclusive, full-service video production. So, we can do everything from creating the concept/script, pre-production, filming and post-production, including the editing, effects, and music. It usually takes about 5 weeks to deliver, but we try to get it to you sooner than that.

The process of getting started:

1. Tell Us About It:
Send an email to contact@thinkenvy.com. Tell us a little about what you’re working on and any selling points of it so we can get an idea of how we can help make an awesome media campaign for it.

2. Treatment:
Next, we write up and send a treatment, outlining a concept we think would be a great video for you! This will include the estimated timeline and pricing.

3. Schedule and Cost:
It takes about 8 weeks to deliver everything, but we try to get it to you sooner than that. Pricing depends on the concepts. Higher concepts have a higher price. 

4. How Do We Get Started?
Once you sign off on the concept and script, we send an invoice. A 50% deposit is due and once it is paid, we will start! Once we are finished, we will send you the (watermarked) files for approval. When the remaining balance is paid, we will send you the final files. 

Some assume that making great videos is easier than it looks. But, it takes skill and labor to do it right. Rest assured we achieve high production values, even on budgets.

Ready to get started?
Send us an email to contact@thinkenvy.com

Ready to get started on your video?