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Envy helps startups make effective videos.


With the releases of so many startups every day, we have a way to help those startups get noticed. We work with them to make high production value videos (like Sandwich Video) at a much, much, much lower price they can afford. We are Envy Creative.


Envy Creative a new creative agency and production company in one. They usually develop the videos they end up making and are always involved in the video production from beginning to end. Mike Vannelli all did this on his own until he got too much work to handle and needed people to help. So, he made Envy Creative. Envy mainly does startup, tech, app, explainer and websites videos, but they take on other projects as well if we are interested. They’ve helped make videos large companies like Hewlett-Packard make as well as videos for bootstrapped startups. Envy doesn’t have set prices and doesn’t take equity from startups, they work with their clients to make a great video for them that fits their budget, whatever it may be.


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“Envy Creative did an amazing job with my crowdfunding video showcasing my art, the video was high quality, they were super friendly and worked with my limited budget. Will definitely use them for my next project.” Natisha R.

“Superb service and they made a great startup video for me. They were great to work with and took the time to go over every detail. Would definitely recommend and use again.” Kimberly M.

“Professional, great to work with and reasonably priced. Will definitely work with Envy again!” Daniel V.

“They did a great job in making the video for my startup. Now I can get more customers on my app via this video. The video quality is awesome! I would love to come again to those guys. Highly recommended for any tech startup.” Stuart D.