Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do videos cost?
Pricing is based on a number of different things you want in your video, so please head over to our quick and easy video order page to get a quote: Then, from there, you can get in touch with us or order your video and we can get started right away! The quote we give is all-inclusive, so we can do everything from creating the concept/script, pre-production, filming, and post-production, including the editing, effects, and music.

What happens next I order a video from the order page?
We go into production! Then, based on your delivery time you put, we’ll deliver the finished video. Feel free to get in touch along the way to see how things are going.

What if I already have a script?
If you have a script, there is a part of the video order form where you can upload your script. Keep in mind that if the script is not the length of the video you ordered, we can try to trim it down. Otherwise, there may be an additional fee. If it has no talking, send us descriptions of what you need showing in the video. If you just send us the dialogue (the talking) for the video, we can work with that. If you don’t provide directions, we will use our creativity to make the best video we can. If you need a video script, we offer a script writing service.

What if I have a script but it needs help?
Just send us the script and then we can revise it to fit your desired length (free of charge). We can’t really give a word count since with video, actions and scenes can take up time, even if there is not speaking.

What actors will be in my video?
The actors you see in our videos are the ones we use for most of our videos since we know they will do a great job: You can choose how many actors you want from the order form. If you would need more than 6 actors or you need a specific-looking actor cast that is not in our list of actors (like older actors or actors with a specific look or ethnicity) let us know.

What if I need children or babies in my video?
If you need a child actor, we can facilitate but it would be an additional charge, per child actor (over 2 years old) or babies (newborn to 2 years old), because of the liability and since the parent has to be on set while filming. There is a section for this on the order form.

Can I choose what actors I want to be in the video?
Since actors’ schedules are sporadic, we cannot guarantee any specific actor. You can send your top choices for each role for the actors you would like from our list of actors: and we will try to facilitate. Or, if you need a custom casting, we can give you a list of actors to choose from. However, again, we cannot guarantee any specific actor and we will use our best judgment based on the role to choose the best actor.

Can I have animals in my video?
Yes! However, we charge additional per animal to use animals in videos. This only includes dogs and cats. We do not include puppies or kittens (baby dogs or cats) since they are not trained enough for video work. If you need a specific animal, let us know beforehand so we can search around Hollywood for one to play the part. This section can be found on the order form.

What video length is recommended if I’m not sure?
We always recommend 1-minute, since this is usually long enough where it gets across enough information but not too long where the viewer might lost interest.

Can I get my video done in another language?
We make all our videos in American English. If you would like subtitles in a different language, we can add them in the video at no extra cost. We can also dub the video in whatever language you need for an additional cost, per language dub, and will deliver the American English version with the dubbed version. There is a section for this on the order form.

What kind of locations do you offer for videos?
Our video pricing includes locations and sets like normal outdoor locations, a coffee shop, office setting, home, living room and some other normal areas. However, if you would like a specific location, let us know and we will let you know the additional cost to rent the location.

What is your normal timeline to deliver a video?
We normally need about 30 days to deliver your video. However, this countdown does not start until we receive an order. If your video is simple, it may take shorter or if it is more involved, it may take longer. We always try to get it to you sooner than that, but because we need to schedule with our actors and sometimes there are schedule conflicts, we can only deliver by the estimated delivery date. If you need it fast, there is a “rush delivery” option on the order form.

Can you deliver faster than 30 days?
We have the 30-day delivery time as default because most of the time there are conflicts with our actor’s schedules and we are working on other orders ahead of yours in our queue. If you need it sooner, we do offer a 14-day rush delivery for an additional cost, which puts you ahead of the other orders in our queue. You can find this section in the order form.

My app isn’t ready yet. Can you still do the video?
We can do videos off mockups, beta apps (through TestFlight or an APK file) or even screenshots!

Can I (the client) be on set during the filming?
Unfortunately, it is our policy that we do not allow clients on set or to be in the videos. We use trained actors for all our videos to keep things moving fast on set and we cannot afford to have clients on-set since it slows everything down, which leads to pay overtime to actors and crew. So, unfortunately, we do not allow clients on set for any reason. However, we are more than happy to meet with you prior to the shooting days, to go over anything you’d like.

Can you buy my product on Amazon for the video?
Unfortunately, due to Amazon’s “promotional content” rules and for liability reasons, you would need to send us the item. For these reasons, we are also not able to purchase any client items or leave reviews. We just provide you with the video file.

Can I (the client) send you the product before we place an order?
For liability reasons, we do not accept products before an order is placed. We also do not order the product from a website. You would need to send us the product. Once you place an order, you will receive our mailing address.

I haven’t heard back. Are you still working on my video?
Yes, we are still working on your video. There are videos ahead of yours in our order queue. We try to get your video to you sooner than the delivery deadline, but we can only estimate delivery by that date.

Do you offer a photography service?
Yes! We charge a flat rate for product and lifestyle photo alongside the video shoot. We take as many photos as we can (usually between 50 to 100) then we touch up the ones we think are the best photos (usually between 15 and 30) and we send you the touched up photos, along with the RAW ones as well. Here are some of the photos we’ve done for other clients: Unfortunately, if you need the photos taken AFTER the video is delivered, it would be a flat rate of double for the photoshoot, since we would need to bring back everyone involved for the shoot, instead of taking the photos alongside the video shoot. So, please let us know in the pre-production phase if you would like photos. You can find this section on the order form.

Can I (the client) have the raw footage or project files?
Unfortunately, we only offer the full production for videos. We do not provide the raw video footage or project files. We would do all the post- production as well. However, we do archive all our projects, so if you ever need a quick fix or quick edit, later on, we should be able to do that for you free of charge.

How many revisions do I get once you deliver the video?
We do not charge for a “reasonable” amount revisions. We suggest sending us everything you need in your first round of revisions, since if you need more revisions done after that, it may take us longer. If you need us to do an entire re-shoot because you want something changed or added that is different from the original scope of work or script, we would need to charge more. We also charge more if the scope of work changes from the start of the order. This is why we require an approved script either from you before we can even start the order or have you approve one of the scripts we send with our script writing service.

Do you offer an editing service?
If you needed editing only, we charge $65/hr and would need all the assets from you, including any stock footage, graphics, etc. We do not purchase any assets or stock footage to use for your video. We can give you a quote, based on the estimated time it would take us to do the edit. You can also give us a “not to exceed” limit.

Can you use stock footage in my video?
We only offer full-service production (filming and editing). We do not use stock footage for the videos we make (unless it is very specific and only is a part of the final video) because we shoot all the footage for the videos we do. If you would like us to use stock footage in your video, you would need to provide us the video files.

What format do you deliver the video in?
We deliver all our videos in a full HD, 1080p MP4 video file. We shoot the videos in landscape (which is best for Youtube, websites and Facebook). If you would like an additional orientation like vertical (which is best for Instagram Stories and SnapChat) or square (which is best for Facebook and Instagram), we charge additional per orientation.

Can you provide a storyboard along with the script?
We do not do storyboards for our videos. We make the script into a commercial script format (see sample here. If you would like more details about the video, please include it in your script or let us know if you need something specific and we will try to facilitate.

Who owns the copyright for the video?
All our videos come with the license to post and show the video anywhere online (like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, your website, etc.). If you need to air the video on a mass medium like TV, Film or Radio, or have other questions about the copyright, please go to our Terms of Service page to learn all the info about our licensing: