If you’d like to show the video or play the audio on a mass medium like TV or Radio, you will need to obtain an extended-usage license from us.

The pricing for an extended-usage license for TV or Radio is a flat rate of $3000 for a 1-year period for each principal actor’s residuals fee (the main actors appearing in your videos, not the background actors).

This allows you to air the video an unlimited amount of time for the 1-year period. After the 1-year, you would need to pay the 1-year fee again if you want to continue to air the video.

We will send you an invoice to the email provided in the form below. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a  document, stating that you have usage rights to air those commercials on mass mediums and that you have covered the principal actor’s residual fees for a 1-year period.

If you have multiple videos you need an extended-usage license for, please fill out the form again for each video.

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