TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s biggest authority for the debut of startups. It comes as no surprise that people are looking for features that could help get an edge on the competition. Winning TechCrunch Disrupt would be amazing for any business, and it would be the thing to put them on the map. You’ll have to win Startup Battlefield and impress entrepreneurs, investors, hackers, and enthusiasts. Using a startup and marketing video can be in your best interest when faced with this challenge.

Startup Videos or Product Demo Videos?
You’re making a video to promote your brand and win Startup Battlefield. This tech commercial needs to be demonstrative and witty, engaging and informative. Videos are a great, but when you’re trying to get the attention of all the investors at Disrupt, you need more. You need a startup video that shows why your product is important.
If You’re Not A Comedian, Don’t Turn Your Brand Commercial Into a Joke
Everyone loves to laugh, but not everyone is great at inspiring laughter. If you’re not funny, then you should not orient your video around that sort of premise. App videos, website videos, commercials are places you can experiment with your humor. When you’re working on a project for Disrupt, you need to toss that goofy mess out of the window and focus on quality.
Business Videos Are Clear And Visionary, Not Vague And Artsy
The investors of today are drawn toward a clear-cut premise that comes with a tech commercial. Your product could be great, but without a straightforward set of information, you’re not going to win.
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