Back in the day, it used to be that we saw commercial on TV. Then, once online video got popular, we started seeing them online. Now, companies use startup and explainer videos to get their message across. Sometimes they’re shown as commercials and sometimes they aren’t.

What a lot of companies do now is when they get a startup video produced, they get two videos out of it. First, they get a main explainer video. This is the video they post on their website and their main Youtube page. An explainer video shows a lot about the startup, what they do and info they can convey in a 2 minute window. They have the production company make a 30 second version of the explainer video to post that as an ad online.

Youtube offers pre-roll ads. These are the commercials that play before a video. The benefit of getting a 30 second version is that you can use it for Youtube pre-roll and make it so you cannot skip it. This lets the viewer watch it all the way through. Also, 30 second version of your explainer video is great for Facebook and Instagram ads as well.

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