It’s a fact; mobile apps that effectively advertise themselves with a video end up being far more successful than those who don’t. There are so many apps out there which simply rely on screenshots and long paragraphs of text, which turn people off and make them look elsewhere. On the other hand, those which feature a snappy and attractive video grab viewers’ attention, and see many more downloads.

Your video will show potential buyers exactly what your mobile app can do and how good it is. With so many other apps out there, it’s important that you do all you can to stand out from the crowd and show off what your app can do. If you can create a buzz around your app and attract people to download it, then it will soon start working its way up the app store rankings, creating momentum which will see even more downloads.

Videos are also great ways of drawing more people to your app’s page in the first place. Google ranks mobile apps with videos much more highly, as it is an important part of their SEO algorithms. Furthermore, they are a lot easier for people to share with their friends. A video is a simple yet effective way of them sending all the relevant information about your app to friends and family they feel might be interested in it.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, a video for your mobile app shows that it is a valid, reliable product. Anyone can make up things which aren’t true in a text description for an app, but a video will actually show your app in action. Potential buyers can see exactly what it does and that it is a high-quality product, and you’ll, therefore, see a much higher conversion from viewers to buyers. This also has the added benefit of creating momentum for any future apps, as loyal users of your first app will be eagerly awaiting news of the next one you come out with. By building up a fan base in this manner, any company can make a success of itself off the back of a successful video.

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