Customers can be scared to give you their money. It’s nothing personal. People just want to feel like they’ve made a wise investment. If they feel like they wasted their money, then they might regret buying from you.

Every dollar counts. Every sale matters. When you use a product video the right way, you can ease these fears in a friendly, effective way. Here is what your video should focus on:
Acknowledge What Makes People Fearful
A little empathy can go a long way. Use your product video to provide evidence that you understand why fears are present. Show people that you can solve problems. When you show that you understand their perspective, they will be more willing to listen.
Become an Expert in Your Niche
Unless you’re an established brand, it’s hard to achieve mass appeal through a product video. Use this opportunity instead to establish a niche expertise. Focus your value on something which has a proven usefulness.
Make it a Fun and Engaging Process
Prospects turn into customers when they have fun with the shopping process. Use your creativity to give your visitors a laugh, or smile, as they learn about who you are and what you do.
Product videos will not reduce every fear that a consumer may have. Some fears are based on their own perspectives or experiences. What you can do is show people that they have nothing to fear from you.
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