First things first: you don’t need a blockbuster Hollywood budget to make an awesome tech startup video. All you really need is a decent product that people might want and a basic concept for what you want to show on video. Most startup video production companies can help with the script and to develop the concept once you are ready to move forward to that point.

When you are developing the idea, remember that funny startup videos that involve real people tend to draw in the viewer a bit more than startup animation videos. Once you have a solid script, it is time to go into production. When the startup video production company is working on casting and the assets that go into the video, make sure you are on the same page. There is nothing worse than both of you having different visions. A good way to nip this in the bud is to send them a great video you like and that is what you are looking for.

Once your video is hot and is in post-production, be sure you are ready with all your graphics. The video production company will most likely need your logo, icon, color scheme, screenshots and more. This will make the process go quicker and you can make sure they are using exactly what you want. After that, you’ll have a great startup video and viewers can watch and share all over the web.

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