Live Video Marketing Q&A – Thursday mornings at 11AM PST.
This week’s questions:
1. In Final Cut Pro X, how can I edit and export a video in vertical (portrait) orientation using FCPX?
2. What was the first YouTube video uploaded?
3. How can I play deleted YouTube videos?
4. Is vertical video better for starting a vlog on YouTube?
5. Where else can you upload your videos?
6. I want to record small skits with some friends. What cameras would be good for inside use and outside use?
7. Videos: What is the file size per hour of recording 720p of video?
8. How can I send large video files to China?
9. Do you ever watch your “watch later” YouTube videos?
10. How can I embed a YouTube video on Twitter so that it plays back without redirecting?
11. What is the most reliable free video conference software for 8-10 people?
12. Where can I sell my video after it went viral?
13. What is the advantage of advertising?

Ask questions about general video and film production, questions about the film industry or questions about video marketing if you’re a brand, company or have a product and are looking to get a video made for it, in the comments or here:

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