Lots of startups begin their video marketing with the help of an animated video, whiteboard video or slideshow video. While this can be a cheap way to represent your company, live videos are a much better way to represent and show off your brand or product.

Live-action videos feel more personal and, as a result, you can start to attach some of your brand personality to your startup video content. Rather than presenting a generic, animated video, your viewers can get to know what you are really like.

A live video can be more honest for viewers because you can show your products in-person and actually represent what your product or service can provide. An honest representation of a product is always better for a startup because it shows how you separate yourself from the competition.

The problem with an animated video is that it simply is not as engaging or sharable as a video that presents your company, your products and your employees. You can get creative with your video marketing effort and showcase your day-to-day operations, the production line for your products from start to finish and more.

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