Tech commercials have taken off and most businesses now have a video on their sites and social media. Great commercials can help visitors to your website to become customers. But, these videos take a lot of time and work to get right. Before you start working on one for your business, here are the five most important things you need to know.

1. What Should the Commercial Do?
This is the billion dollar question and the most difficult one to answer. Commercials can be about anything. So, before you start working, have ideas about what you are going to cover and what the video needs to do. This gives you an idea of where to start, so you can build more video ideas from there.
2. Who Is Your Target Audience?
Getting your message to the right people by making sure your videos are speaking to the audience. So, you should take the time to consider who your ideal customers are. This will help know how to create videos that will capture their attention.
3. The Core Message
The core message of a commercial is what you want your customers to take away from it. This should be the main video idea, and the rest of the video should be built to support this main idea. You should keep the message short and concise. The clearer that your message is, the more memorable the message becomes. If you have more than one message, make a video for each of them.
4. What Should the Viewer do After Watching the Video?
It is not enough for people to watch your commercial. At the end of a video, the viewers should be compelled to take an action. So, what should this action be? If you are not sure, look to number 1 on this list. There are many things that you can suggest, so think about what you want the viewer to do most and work from there.
5. Measuring Success
Once you know all the above info, know what type of success you are looking for. This will depend on the video that you are making and your business. Many times, improving sales is a common goal. Yet, there are other factors that can make your video a success, which could be shares, views, and likes. So, the success of your commercial will depend on what the video is about and the platform that you post the video on.
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