In today’s business environment, not having a video can lead to a disaster. A video keeps visitors on the page longer which results in higher rankings. Great startup videos are excellent marketing tools because they are effective and affordable. Below are some of the reasons why you should not ignore a video and have one for your website or business.

Increase Conversion Rates
The majority of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they watch an explainer video about it. Explainer videos help businesses track visitors and how they can become paying customers.
Engage Visitors
When a visitor arrives on a page that has a wall of text, they tend to get turned off. Some will scan the page, while others will leave it right away. To grab their attention, you can use a funny startup video. Videos will make visitors curious about the brand. Some visitors will even go to other pages of the website to get more information about the business.
Visual and Verbal Learning
Videos provide verbal and visual cues in giving information about the company. It allows people to keep 50% more info compared to pure text.
Better Search Ranking
Experts agree that websites with videos are more likely to rank on the first page of the search results. People often click on the video thumbnail instead of the text link. And being on the first page of the SERPs means that more people will watch the video and want to buy your products. This will lead to better sales numbers.
Explain the Goal of the Product
Explainer videos are able to explain the features of the product or service in a very clear manner. People are able to get a better understanding of the product after they hear and see someone explain it to them. With the use of a video, the business is able to connect with potential customers better. It can show what the business has to offer, and why they should choose the company over competitors.
Easy to Share
Startup videos are an effective marketing tool because consumers share them. There are even some explainer videos that go viral on YouTube. Even if it doesn’t reach viral status, sharing the video with others can bring lots of benefits to the business. It provides another opportunity to make another sale.
Investing in a professional video production can be helpful to your business. A video is a popular medium that businesses can use to advertise and share information. A custom video is a great way to connect with potential customers and convey the business’ value. And that’s why you should not ignore it.
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