In a world where startups spring up fast, it is getting difficult for ventures to get their name out there. This holds true for startups that are using conventional channels. A solution to this has been the more enterprising ones in the form of startup videos or explainer videos.

Only text is boring!
No matter how much you try to spice up the narrative of a text, it can’t match the inherent appeal of a video. Ask yourself: If you want to gather info about a product, would you prefer reading or watching a video? Does this need any further explanation?
Explains your business in minutes
People have a very short span of attention. So it’s important that you explain your product or service to the target audience in a short duration. Explainer videos enable you to do that! You can get straight to the point without beating around the bush. You can give more information in less time!
Interesting, appealing and entertaining
People are not interested in listening to what you have to say unless you make it interesting enough. Startup videos are an interesting and entertaining way to convey your thoughts. You can hire a video production company which will find ways to make your explainer videos fun.
Facilitates demonstrations
Explainer videos allow you to give a demo of your product or service to a large audience. People may listen to what you say but they won’t trust you unless you show them what you are selling. A visual demo of your product on your video would inspire confidence in your consumers.
Other benefits
· Explainer videos give you an access to many platforms including social media. They have an inherent potential to go viral.
· It may not be your primary concern but startup videos provide a boost to your SEO. People are likelier to like or share a video than a photograph or an article.
· Videos help develop connections with your audience which is important for development.
Startup videos present a win-win situation for everyone. Consumers get an understanding of the product while startups reach their audience. It’s not hard to understand why nobody cares about anything else, is it
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