Crowdfunding has really taken off lately as a way for businesses and individuals to generate money they need for a project or cause. But, with this increase in the use of crowdfunding comes a problem: how do you stand out from the others and attract people to invest their hard earned money? Creating an interesting, engaging video that makes an impression on people! Kickstarter recommends that you include a video in your campaign, because those that have a video attract a lot more funding, on average. Here are some of the reasons why a video is essential to help your crowdfunding campaign take off!

The secret to a good crowdfunding campaign is to connect with your audience, to encourage them that you will offer a great return on their investment. The perfect way of doing this is to create a great video, to show people what you have to offer and why you are deserving of their money. Instead of just telling people what their money will go towards, you are showing them, and in today’s world of shortening attention spans, grabbing their attention is everything.

If you can show that you have a clear vision of what they will do with the, then they will see you as more reliable, and therefore trust you with their money. Many of the most popular crowdfunding campaigns started out with a direct appeal with a video, so it’s easy for you to follow in their footsteps by making use of the same techniques as them. Pitch your video right, and you’ll be on the path to success!

It is integral that your video presents a professional image of your product, so that viewers don’t think you’re just another person asking them for money.

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