Video marketing has become a must have for all. Startup videos are perfect for small businesses to grow their audience. Business startup videos can also be called explainer videos or whiteboard videos. Here’s a look at why they’re a friend to small businesses.

YouTube Is the Second Largest Search Engine
If people don’t use Google search engine then they’re likely to use YouTube. Yes, it is classed as a search engine, as well as a form of social media. It’s the second most used, which means the majority of your customer base is going to be here. When you use business startup videos, you’re more likely to connect with your audience.
Google Loves Video
People love watching videos, which means Google loves them too. YouTube videos rank in search results. In fact, any site that has a video is likely to rank well is social media. Google sees that you’re relevant to your target audience and rewards you for that. The higher you rank, the more chance you have of attracting your target audience.
They will help to connect with more people and draw in your target audience. You will see better results from your business marketing.
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