Videos are one of the most important components of a website. They’re also one of the most under-utilized tools that can drive traffic.

Videos structured with specific content styles can immediately offer value to your visitors. They can provide instructions, offer tips, or show-off what you offer in fun and unique ways. Here are a few of the best video types that are being used by competitive websites like yours right now:
Explainer Videos:
This type of video offers visitors a glimpse of your business idea in 60 seconds or less. It offers verbal and visual learning attributes that hold their attention. With more videos on your website like this on your site, you build trust.
A great tech commercial will create a vision to which your visitors will relate. You craft a story about your tech, show its value, then let people see how that value can translate to their own lives.
Startup Videos:
This video option is perfect for brands that need to boost their online visibility. It keeps visitors on your site longer and can boost organic marketing strategies. At it does all this, startup videos also help to build your brand and grow your conversions.
Marketing Videos:
These videos are straightforward, message-based content. You tell people why your product or service matters. Then you tell them why your stuff is better than what your competition offers.
Product Demo Videos
Online selling eliminates the ability of consumers to fiddle with products. A product demo video can let people see how your product or service works. This lets them make an empowered decision when the time is right.
If your website doesn’t have videos on it, then you’re losing traffic. You’re not maximizing your conversion rate. You may even have people going to your competition. That’s why it is so important to stop sitting there without videos! Start getting more of them on your website today.
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