Videos have the potential to communicate with half of the world`s internet. With the number of users across the globe, a company that uses videos has the potential to double their sales. Any marketer and viral star know that business videos have been proven profitable.

Marketing officers should consider video as a great idea to relay company image. For marketing managers, product videos help to increase your sales. Advertising through video can help double your production within very little time. But, how can this happen? This can be answered by the following points:
Online Video Achieves More Traffic by Creating Impressions:
A third of online activity is now being spent watching videos. Take a look on your Facebook and you will realize that almost everyone is uploading videos. If you compare the number of comments on a video, to those for a text, you will see a big difference. A video will attract more impressions than a picture. The old adage says “picture has a thousand words”. A video has double the potential, and this can be confirmed by that simple illustration.
Creates a Lasting Impression Because It Is Interesting:
Watching an online commercial will create a lasting impression on customers mind. A video is more like a story that is being told live. This is more memorable than an image.
Video Commercial Creates a Live Testimony:
This is achieved when a company gets its loyal clientele to shoot a video. This gives a live testimony feeling to the person watching it. A picture or still image online looks more like photoshop, and clients may not believe it. An advertising video creates confidence in the company potential clients.
Enables a business to personalize their commercials:
A video is a good way of injecting some personality into your company commercials.
Gives a Boost to Your SEO for Search Ranking:
A video gives your campaigns an added advantage because you will able to rank high on search results. Google algorithm is able to interpret video and relate it to search keywords.
To be able to drive awareness, consider videos an efficient and effective investment. There is no reason why you should not tap into the power of video. Your competition is already using it.
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