Explainer videos are captivating for three reasons: information, business branding, and sharable. There are easy ways you can turn an explainer video into greater success for your business. Here are some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.

#1. Make it a landing page.
Place your video above the fold on your landing page to let it do the work for you. A video can reduce your bounce rate, extend your visit time, and improve your conversion rate.
#2. Use it in your emails.
No one likes spam – unless it’s with eggs for breakfast. Turn your emails into a tool by including your explainer video in your next marketing push. This will improve the value of being a subscriber to those on your lists.
#3. Post it on social media.
You should create a sharing structure on your site that makes it easy for visitors to share your video. You should also post it on your social media pages to expand the reach of your own network.
#4. Include it with your blog.
An explainer video on your blog is a powerful tool. Not only do you capture attention, you also get to explain concepts in more detail on your blog.
#5. Offer it during presentations.
Webinars and seminars benefit from explainer videos as well. It provides the pitch, allowing you to focus on answering questions or closing the deal.
Anyone can find business success with the right tools. Evaluate the benefits of incorporating explainer videos into your strategies.
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