Have you wondered why businesses spend millions on TVCs? The reason is simple; the impact of a video ad is huge and capable of dragging customers. The same strategy can be applied to startups looking to attract customers, but they don’t need to make a video. Business startup videos are different; they are not promotional but introductory in nature. An explainer video is something that explains a new business that has got new solutions.

Here is an in-depth overview of why explainer videos work in term of generating profits:
1. Visuals are effective than text
If you think that making a website with about us page is enough, then you are on the wrong side. Gone is the time when businesses used About Us section to explain their purpose. Engaging with long text is boring. No one scrolls down the page to know what it is all about. Making a video is a great way; it keeps people engaged. Viewers look at one step and wait for the teller to move ahead to know more. In fact, an explainer video makes people more curious about your business.
2. Explainer videos are a way to attract the people
The best way to make a video interesting is to keep in entertaining. Funny startup videos that explain struggles make watching more entertaining. Have you thought why marketing companies prefer funny TVCs? The reason is obvious; a hilarious stuff makes viewers talk about what they viewed. It compels social media to carve out memes and further spread the word.
3. Videos are capable of going viral
We are breathing in a world powered by social media. Spreading a word has not remained difficult anymore. V-loggers make relatable short videos and then share them on social media. Their videos see millions of shares because of the stuff they provide. A good video has a tendency to go viral. Usually, marketing through written content requires a huge effort. You don’t need to prompt the audience for sharing it. Once, your viewers find any video more relatable, they spread it and make it viral. A video is capable of introducing your business to millions of people.
4. Google favors explainer videos
Google ranks your website and business. Blogs and sites that have more videos are likely to be prominent in the first page of search engine results. Even if your startup doesn’t have an online presence except for a video, then it is enough to be present in the eye of Google. The reason is that viral videos are capable of coming on top of Google’s search engine ranking.
5. They generate higher ROI
ROI (Return on Investment) is the best way to gauge the benefits of making any expenditure. Great explainer videos come out to be the best investment by any business. They are capable of taking a startup to the height of success even in the beginning. This is because viewers are more likely to click on a thumbnail, rather than one that has an image and text only.
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