When creating a product video for a startup, it might look stellar. But, since you created it when the company was young, it might not be relevant anymore. You may not find customers using terms you used on your video, which makes the video now cringing.

How do you upgrade your explainer video?

You can start with data and feedback from your friends, competitors and customers. This will help you along to being a little bit bigger and smarter. You can swap your old video with a product explainer video that goes in detail for people who want to see it. You can decide to redesign your marketing explainer video from the old one.

How to pick a product or marketer video maker.

You can use your previous video maker to produce your video, but only if they have upgraded their game. Do this by going back through the process for choosing your current video maker. Ask different questions to different potential video makers to get the best. Remember, any agency can answer most of your questions, so don’t rush. The best screening question you can ask is “how will you approach creating this video”? This question should make sure that your goals are the same with the video maker.

Write your own script.

While producers offer script writing as a service, it is important for you to write your initial idea. Showing the products is not enough, you may want the script to focus on customer pains and how to solve them. Once that’s done, hand it over to your chosen producer for them to apply their expertise and make you a great video.

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