Explainer videos are an excellent way to harness the power of video marketing which assists with ranking your page. Google rankings have come a long way and part of the search engine algorithm includes the ranking of video search results. Adding quality videos and adopting a video marketing strategy can help you bolster your search engine rankings as well as deliver more content to your target market.

Your explainer video can include a variety of content about your company like:

Links to a sales page – Linking directly to your sales page from the video can be a perfect way for increasing conversions and establishing a new sales funnel.

A demonstration of your products – You can finally demonstrate your products in an easy format. People can relate to video and understand what your product is about from the demonstration.

Testimonials from your clients – Client testimonials can strengthen your brand and improve your reputation over video content.

Links to social media -Adding a link to your social media account can help you target future friends and followers that could be used for target advertising and product mentions. Building your network means building resources for the future of your company and your marketing effort.

Your logo and branding – Improving your brand recognition by adding your logo and branding to your company page can be a wonderful idea for the future. Not only can people get an idea of what your product is about but it is possible to enjoy a greater sense of brand recognition, so that customers may seek you out or pick your brand over competitors.

Consider some of the following tips and additions to any SEO explainer video, to get the most out of your video content.

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