The goal of any business is to generate more traffic, which can be hard at times due to the competitive market. There are ways companies try to attract attraction, but at times fail to see the easiest solution at hand. An explainer video is known to help you drive 40% more sales by attracting more traffic to your website. Here are 5 reasons how startup videos can help you increase sales.

A marketing video engages audiences and helps push sales by offering information. Explainer videos offer a brand experience, so the viewers know what they are getting. A quality video will only take 8 seconds to convince a potential buyer.
Understanding :
Where text can be interpreted in many ways, a video will be able to get the message across in a simpler way. This way, nothing will get lost in translation, and you will be able to get your message across with ease. This is because videos are simple, and do not beat around the bushes. So you will be able to get the message across, that offers easy understanding.
User Manual:
Today, explainer videos are like a user manual, that is easier to understand. This is because they feature a mixture of audio and visual on the content. This offers a meaningful experience, as the potential buyers are able to view the process. Using a video you can explain how your products work, so it’s is easier to add more appeal.
A brand commercial promises to be memorable, and leave an impact on the viewer. The same way an educational video wishes to leave something behind with the viewers. A video will be able to cover all the info required to convey the message and make it memorable. As statistics show that 80% of what you hear and view at the same time is more memorable than anything else.
Higher Traffic:
A product video not only attracts potential buyers, it ensures that they stay on your site. More businesses go with a demo video so they can create a hype about the product before it has even launched. This way future clients will be able to see what they are getting into. The video will explain each feature without issues.
These are some of the many reasons why explainer videos can help you drive more sales. But, the quality of video and the content placed on the video plays a huge role in how it will be perceived. As a low-quality video will not be able to send across a powerful message.
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