An Explainer video is an online marketing video that explains services and products. Explainer videos are placed on the website home page to boost popularity and sales. Explainer videos have become fantastic assets for business. There are different types of explainer videos and they include:

Live action explainer videos:
Live action videos sell physical products or people-oriented services. They use people which creates an emotional connection for viewers.
Whiteboard explainer videos:
This is a video which animation is drawn by hand and erased on the whiteboard. It is of low cost which has made it popular and making it the cheapest type of video explainer to create.
Kickstarter explainer videos:
Kickstarter isn’t different from regular service and product explainer videos. They are explainer videos and they tend to be longer than other explainer videos.
Animated explainer videos:
Animated videos are sometimes preferred for explaining intangible products like apps and softwares because of their cheap cost to create.
Today, explainer videos have capabilities of transforming how we think. The world is growing and these videos make it easier for companies to market their products.

Explainer videos focus on understanding and answering questions about why customers should use your products and services.

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