There is a lot of buzz around startup videos these days. Some startup videos or product demo videos have gone viral in recent years, such as one from Metaweb and another by Dollar Shave Club. Startup videos can get you more than just much-needed views and shares on the social media – they could well the critical launching pad that your start-up needs. Also, a well-made marketing video or brand commercial with an effective call to action can goad your viewers to take a decision in your favor, by buying your product or subscribing to your service. There is evidence to show that a startup video production that goes viral could easily boost your conversion exponentially, and completely transform your prospects as a startup entrepreneur.

Right, that’s enough of an intro.

So how to create startup videos or business videos that get maximum views?

There are many tools that you can use to make the product demo video on your own. We won’t go into the details on that, but let’s focus on the process of creating a startup video. First thing first, you will need to catch hold of your audience’s attention by telling them a compelling story which means something to them, and then relating that with your startup, and what you are trying to achieve. Your audience has a very short attention span, so you have to make the most of the little time you’ve got. Give them something inspirational, something funny or emotional.

A good explainer video is one that validates their point of view and tells them something new and interesting at the same time – which excites your audience and makes them want to share the video with their friends on the social media.

Your script should be amazing and communicate the unique features and benefits of your product. It should end with a clear call to action. This could be a link to the sign-up page on your website or a way to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Now, create a storyboard that mirrors the script you have written. You should be clear about what the viewers need to see as they listen to each statement. In a good explainer video, the animation is closely matched with the vocal cues. The movement of the storyboard should be consistent throughout; it shouldn’t stagnate at any point. Don’t just jam it with too much action.

Record the narration and make sure that it is well structured without any uncomfortable gaps or stops. You can choose to do the narration yourself, or you could hire a freelance voice-over specialist. They key is to be comfortable with it and get the tone and the timing just right. The narration should have a real flow to it, it should be as smooth as it can be.

Finally, add music to the startup video. Music is important because it creates the right mood, the perfect ambiance. But make sure that the music is not too loud, as you wouldn’t want the clarity of the narration to be affected.

That’s the way to create a really effective product demo video or startup video. At Envy Creative, we have created hundreds of highly successful marketing videos for small and midsized businesses and startups around the world!

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