There have been countless instances in our history where great products have failed to achieve the level of success they should have. Although this could be attributed to a number of reasons, you can’t help but think that maybe they just weren’t advertised well enough. It’s hard to imagine that they would have met the same fate had they been backed by a series of high-quality business videos. A commercial is now essential for your company’s success.

It creates awareness about your company
Commercials let people know of your existence. You can inform them about the product that you’re offering, its benefits and your vision behind creating it. If you’re offering a product or service that solves a problem in peoples’ lives, business videos help you to get the word out quicker and more effectively. If there is already someone who solves that problem, the consumers will know they now have an alternative.

It allows you to differentiate your product
It is highly unlikely that you are the only company that provides a particular type of good or service. There is bound to be someone else who does that too albeit with some differences. A commercial allows you to tell your consumers how your product is different and superior to that of your rival’s. You could provide a brief demonstration of the same and clearly establish your superiority.

It creates sales
This is probably the biggest reason that makes commercials so vital. You can’t survive if you can’t sell. Business videos create interest in the product. It creates a desire among the consumers to buy it and business videos generally have a decent conversion rate of 20% or above.

It facilitates customer acquisition and retention
Customer acquisition is a major headache for startups. Startup videos provide a solution to this problem as they can effectively present the product to the target audience and also provide a brief introduction to the company. A continuous advertising campaign keeps you fresh in the memory of your existing consumers. It serves as a reminder of your product and the wonderful experience they had with it; thus ensuring they come back for more.

It boosts your employees
A commercial is no longer just an external stimulant but also an internal boost to your sales team. A confident sales team backed a series of well-made, impactful commercials could scale up your sales exponentially!

Just having a good product doesn’t guarantee success. It has to be backed essentially by a string of quality commercials. If you have them both, you could scale any mountain!

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