When it comes to introducing your brands to the public, the best medium to do that is an online video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth a million and then some. Instead of using audio or visual intros, using both and arranging every bit of it in a catching way is much better. There have been plenty of suggestions on how to make startup videos or explainer videos. Some suggest rules to help you make viral great videos, which you don’t have to follow. Here are some better propositions.

Rule #1: Content Not Necessarily is King
Demos for startups need content but do not get trapped in the concept that content is the driving force. Content means anything that catches people’s attention so they will visit your site. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you want to believe that your video should be about shoes. But, barefooted people can give hints about your product without content about shoes. Believe it or not, it encourages viewers to visit your website.
Rule #2: Give Nothing but a Choice to Investigate Further
Everybody will tell you that all great startup videos give complete information. They lie. You only need about 30 or 60 seconds to make it as informative as you want. What you need is a startup video that makes people smile, where they go to your site and see what the video is about.
Rule #3: You Only Have to Reply to Your Own Comments
Once you create your video and post it, people will watch and post comments. Assuming you have no viewer after a week or so, use the following weapons:
Find blogs related to your products or company and ask (or pay) the owners to post your videos. It might be cheating, but not illegal.
Start a thread on every single online forum, and attach the video. You may have to start the thread with an opening line which leads you to product discussion.
Post your explainer videos to Facebook and ask your friends to share. Even if you don’t have thousands of friends, find somebody who does and asks the person to share the videos.
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