What are Explainer Videos? An explainer video is a video created for explaining and marketing a company’s products. Usually placed on the company’s home page, explainer videos have proved to be effective. These videos narrate a brand’s story, such that the complex ideas related to the brand are expressed.

Explainer videos tell the gist of their product and its usage in a very short and summarized way. The idea behind creating an explainer video is to establish the brand.
Videos are a better communication tool than texts and voice. A good explainer video is that which is easy to comprehend. It is indented to capture the viewer’s interest and make him buy the product or service that are on offer.
Benefits of explainer videos
Explainer videos have proved to be beneficial to many companies who have employed it. Due to ease of sharing, retention, and comprehension, they have benefitted companies. Companies have reported increased conversion and better customer retention. One of the big questions many come across is what benefits business startup videos have?
1. Better retention
They are easy to remember and retain. This helps in better customer retention and having repeat customers.
2. Easy to Share
Videos are more likely to be shared and viewed, even on the basic devices such as smartphones. It is easy to make an explainer video widen its reach and make it go viral.
3. Establishing product goal
No one nowadays is interested in going through text pages. Explainer videos clarify the fundamentals and explain the usefulness of the product.
4. High conversion rates
Since explainer videos make product goal easy to comprehend, they enhance conversion rates.
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