If you want to promote your app then you need to do everything to get it out there and make sure it is advertised to the highest potential. The benefit you get when you advertise your mobile app through a video is the fact that you are already advertising to your ideal target market. You don’t need to worry about your viewers forgetting about you and about them clicking off your ad right away.

You’ll soon find that the conversions you get when your ad is shown are much higher when you compare them to the conversions you get when your app is shown on a static advertisement on a website.

The reason for this is because, on a site, customers will need to log on their phone, head to the app store, download your app, and after all that, find the time to play with it. This isn’t likely to happen, but with an app video, they click the video and they’ll be taken right to you, so it cuts out a lot of the hassle.

App videos remain one of the best ways for you to promote your mobile apps and you would be surprised at how effective and affordable they are when you show them to the right people.

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