When you are looking to grow your business, commercials should be an important part. The market may be shifting to alternative ad techniques, commercials offer unique capabilities.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use commercials to promote your business:
1. Multi-Sensory Appeal
Commercials allow visual stimulation. When commercials are well-executed, they enable consumers to make an instant decision.
2. More Memorable
Consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages each day. Most have learned to ignore them, especially the text-based content. Consumers are more likely to remember videos rather than text.
3. Add a Personality to Your Business
Brand commercials allow you to inject your personality into your advertising. Instead of hiding behind a logo and copy, commercials help reinforce your personality.
4. Match the Rising Competition
Competition is becoming fiercer, and must for businesses to set itself apart. Commercials allow businesses greater visibility and help build confidence.
5. Commercials Amplify Everything Else you are Doing
When you have a commercial, everything else your business does will be visible. It makes your brand famous and allows the viewer to have a deeper engagement with the brand.
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