Most people think that the way to get people interested in a great product is the product itself. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Take the pet rock for instance. Not a great product but on of the best ad campaigns. If you think about this when you are starting your coming up with your idea, then you’re on the right track. Here are some reasons how a great startup video can get you more signups, customers and users.

1. Making It Sharable

When you think about the best startup videos, they were most likely shared with you by someone else. That person might have said something like “you’ve gotta see this!” When people start doing this with your video, then your in the right direction.

2. Keep The Boring Stuff for the End

Most people want to tell their viewer everything about their product and all the features it does. The big mistake most make is they open an explainer video with this. When a person watches this, they’ll most likely get bored quick. You want to open your video with something funny or exciting, to grab the viewer’s attention. Then, if you keep their interest, they might watch to the end, where all the info is.

3. Call To Action

Be sure at somewhere in the video, usually at the end, you tell them to signup, subscribe or contact them. Whatever the purpose of your video was, you should say it. A lot of videos don’t include this and they are missing out on an opportunity to a new customer.

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