You may have heard that video commercial are dead. They’re not. Nothing has the ability to build a brand and drive traffic to your business than a commercial.

Why do videos work so well for driving traffic? It’s because they create a social experience. Website traffic follows a positive social encounter with your brand. Commercials that are memorable become part of our daily conversation. They interact with our lives. Do you remember the Kmart “Ship Your Pants” commercial? The GEICO “Hump Day” commercial? All the various AFLAC duck commercials? Each creates social sharing opportunities. Each drove more traffic within 14 days because of the viral nature of the video. You can do the same thing with your next commercial video. Here’s what you’ll want to do:
1. Hire someone.
It’s ok if you aren’t a video production specialist. Now is not the time to start. Don’t produce your own videos. Outside perspectives are always fresh and add diversity to your project.
2. Be interesting.
Avoid copying what other brands are doing in their commercial videos. Create a concept that is your own. You want your audience to be wanting more.
3. Stand out.
In a field of white flowers, the one red flower stands out. Be the red flower. Being unique and authentic is critical to your success.
4. Invest in the production quality.
The quality of your video will be a reflection of the quality of your brand and business. If it looks cheap, then your product might appear cheap.
5. Promote it.
Always promote your video. Traffic spikes occur on Fridays, as people wind down and want entertainment. Push hard during the week to boost weekend traffic.
A commercial video is an incredible tool that can drive traffic to your site. Let’s get that process started for you today!
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