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A video is a great way to showcase your app, the app’s features and to get people excited about it. Whether you were already planning to make a video or if this would be a new thing for you, we can help.

We can make a video for an app on any popular mobile platform: iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. If you need us to show you the app on a tablet too, we can do that. With an experienced tech team and knowledge of Testflight and other pre-release app testing platforms, Envy Creative can make your video whether your app is out, in development or just an idea.

We love tech and we love getting to use the latest technologies. Remember, we offer an all-inclusive service, so we can do everything from creating the concept/script, pre-production, filming and post-production, including the editing, effects, and music. It usually takes about 5 weeks to deliver, but we try to get it to you sooner than that.

Some assume that making great videos is easier than it looks. But, it takes skill and labor to do it right. Rest assured we achieve high production values, even on budgets.

All we need to get started is a little info about what you’re working on and any selling points of it. Then, we write up and send a treatment and script, outlining a concept we think would be a great video for you! This will include the estimated timeline and pricing. If you like the treatment, we’ll move forward (or we can tweak the concept to try and fit your budget).

Ready to get started on your awesome video?
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