Amazon Video Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for videos posted on your Amazon product listing and how we follow those guidelines to the best of our ability. Please note that Amazon changes these guidelines occasionally, so we try to stay on top of the changes, but sometimes changes are missed. 

  1. You must have rights to use the video.
    • All our videos come with the license to post and show the video anywhere online (like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, your website, etc.). If you need to air the video on a mass medium like TV, Film or Radio or have other questions about the copyright, please go here to our Terms of Service page to learn all the info about our licensing:
  2. The product video must be of high quality.
    • We deliver all our videos in a full HD, 1080p MP4 video file. We shoot the videos in landscape (which is best for Amazon). 
  3. A  thumbnail image for the video must be provided.
    • Unfortunately, we only provide the video file. We do not provide thumbnails for the video. Here are a number of ways to get a thumbnail image for your video:
  4. The video must not contain any reference to your company, contact info, compeditor’s products, that the product is only sold by authorized sellers, product pricing, promotion or sale info, time-sensitive promo or sale info, illegal products, shipping cost or delivery time, customer review info, quotes from editorials or third parties, warranties/guarantees, logos other than your own, websites other than, offensive content. 
    • When writing your script, we try to follow all the guidelines. However, if you provide us the script for the video, we will try to catch these (if they are contained with your script). If not, you may need to re-order if Amazon rejects the video.
  5. Video Length
    • As of this time, Amazon does not give a limit to the time length for the video, but suggests it be 1-minute long or under.

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